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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Nursery

Gosh it's easy to spend money when you're pregnant! Especially when Amazon is only a click away and there's the promise of free shipping.

We, by that I mean me, decided pretty early on where our nursery would be, but what to put in this momentous room!

We decided on a few things
- no pink and blue themes (even if we knew the sex)
- we wanted animals
- we didn't want to paint; we're renting and while they let you paint here, we would have to paint it back.

While browsing the internet for inspiration I had a bit of a brainwave. Back in the day of old-school Better Homes and Gardens, Tara Dennis had once transformed a nursery, and it didn't look awful. I remembered it mainly because she'd used this beautiful wall-paper that had a John Lennon link.

During Sean Lennon's first year of life, John had paid a photographer to take a picture of him every day. He also made a collection of drawings, and added funny captions they used when they played together. During their short time together, John used his drawings and captions to express his real-love for Sean. After his death it was put together in a book.

It's a beautiful book filled with John's artwork, during the time he was a stay-at home dad for Sean.

I loved the pictures and was excited to find that the baby brand Carter's had commissioned a whole range of baby gear with the pictures as inspiration. Of course in true Yoko fashion there's controversy around the range, apparently Julian is being screwed out of the money and the bloggers that be advise you to never pay retail. Fine by me, it was phased out over 10 years ago, everything is on ebay. Oh and by the way - here is everything

I didn't go quite that mad, but wanted some signature pieces to make the room distinctly John Lennon like.

I had some great inspiration

Nursery 1

Nursery 2

I had to trawl through the Amazon and ebay to collect some signature pieces. Of course, nothing here has been easy. I signed up to Amazon from scratch, that was easy. Unfortunately I had an Aussie ebay account. When I tried to change my address, it let me change everything by the country. When I asked HELP why it said it's against pay-pal policy to change the billing details. I had to set up another pay pal account. In I went to try and close my existing account, alas, it was attached to a credit card that I had had before I came here, and one which had been thrown out after it expired. The only way to close the account was the provide the credit card details. After email paypal they sent me a mountain of information about how I could prove my identity to them, applying for my VISA to the states was easier!
So I asked Nuwan to help, he set up a new account and subsequently made our puchases.
Wanna see?
A set of book-ends. This child will have more books then clothes if Mrs Ginige has anything to say about it!

Wall paper border, we're going to turn this into some custom prints.

A wall organiser, not sure what I'm going to do with this, but it was just so darn cute!
My favourite, the lamp :)

We also purchased a smashing rocking chair from craigslist, 35 bucks and all it needs are some cushion covers! It's actually called a glider, and even has a footstool that goes with it.

Looks something like this, just a little more worn


The rest of our furniture has come from ikea. While I'm living the high-life and stuffing my face in Sydney, my dear husband, armed with his brand new drill, will be assembling all of said furniture.

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